What to know about CTP Car Insurance in Queensland

Planning to buy a new Ford automobile in Brisbane? Prepare for Compulsory Third Party (CTP) car insurance before you drive it anywhere. Car insurance is also a requirement for car registration. You can get it from accredited Ford dealerships Brisbane centres offer. Thus, there’s no reason not to get your new Ford car covered.

The CTP car insurance can help when your Ford automobile is involved in an accident. It pays the compensation claim of an injured party when you’re at fault. Since accidents can happen anytime, Queensland requires CTP car insurance for all vehicles.

Understanding how Compulsory Third Party car insurance work for your Ford car

Car insurance can help in specific ways depending on its purpose. In an accident, for example, Queensland requires drivers at fault to pay for compensation. CTP car insurance can help the driver at fault on such liability. Thus, CTP insurance has unlimited support to cover any compensation claims.

Thus, be sure to know the best CTP car insurance before you drive-off to a Sunshine Coast dealership. This can help you avoid unexpected financial problems because of accidents. Moreover, it allows you to help the other party to recover by paying the compensation too. And you can get it from Ford dealers Sunshine Coast services or other insurance providers.

Getting your CTP car insurance

Queensland allows car owners to get CTP insurance from different providers. As mentioned earlier, you can get it from Ford Brisbane or Sunshine Coast dealerships. But be sure that you’re with an accredited Ford dealer for reasonable insurance policies. This allows you to cover your new car with the right insurance easily.

This removes the hassle of connecting with a different insurance provider. Just inform the dealer about getting your CTP insurance from them. But they can also offer it somewhere in the buying process. You can accept or reject the offer, especially when you want to get it from an insurance provider.

Getting CTP Car Insurance from other providers

In Queensland, you can get CTP insurance from any of the four licensed companies, namely: Allianz, Suncorp, RACQ and QBE. Also, note that you need to pay an average of $339.20 of premium annually for Class 1 vehicles. And that includes Ford automobiles.

You can connect with any of those insurance companies while buying a Ford car. Arrange your CTP car insurance through the phone to acquire CTP certificate. You need such certificate to drive-off a new car from any Ford dealerships Brisbane centre. That’s when you can take your new Ford to an accredited Safety Inspection Station.

On a side note, you need to nominate your insurance provider through the registration process. You can simply indicate it in your registration form.

Get a Comprehensive Car Insurance

Queensland requires CTP car insurance to cover compensation claims in case of accidents. But it doesn’t cover other mishaps that can happen, such as fire and stolen car parts. Thus, you should consider Comprehensive Car Insurance too. It’s a good thing, however, that accredited Ford dealerships Brisbane centre can offer it as well.

Just be sure to get comprehensive insurance with reasonable policies. It should cover as many conditions as possible and can provide sufficient financial support. Of course, weigh the annual premium you should pay as well.

These are the vital things to know about CTP car insurance in Queensland. Remember to choose the best option for you as you purchase your new car. And if you want the convenience of having it right in the dealership, find an accredited one in Queensland.

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